KOOI Reachforks

These innovative telescopic hydraulic forks are used for double-deep stacking, one-sided loading of trucks and trains, for dual load transport, and as extensions when a variety of different pallet sizes are used.

Save time, money and space.

The best telescopic fork on the market.

MSE-Forks was the first to develop a hydraulic extending and retracting lift truck fork. Since their introduction in 1980, KOOI-ReachForks® have become the benchmark in materials handling. With one and two cylinders in each fork and an integrated equaliser system, MSE-Forks guarantees you the best telescopic fork on the market. By using KOOI-Reachforks for double-deep stacking, storage volumes can be dramtically increased. Trucks and trains can be completely loaded from one side, reducing turnaround times and improving safety.

The advantages of using KOOI Reachforks

  • Dramatic increase of storage volumes by using double-deep stacking systems.
  • Complete loading and unloading of trucks and trains from one side, saving time and improving safety.
  • Dual loads can be handled eliminating the use of loose fork extensions.
  • Improvement of the driver's visibility since the hydraulics are inside the forks reducing the number of hoses and the adsence of an external flow-dividing system.
  • The integrated equalizer system guarantees a 100% synchronized movement of the forks. (Uneven movement is the most significant problem encountering the use of any type of telescopic forks and can lead to the twisting of pallets creating dangerous situations, especially when working at higher levels in double-deep racking systems.)

KOOI Reachfork Applications


KOOI Reachforks

KOOI Reachforks are available in various widths and capacities and come with some standard options such as pallet stops and load back rests.

Using the latest technologies MSE makes sure that the KOOI-REACHFORKS® meet the highest safety standards (ISO 13284) which means that all forks are tested with a safety factor of 3 times its nominal load.

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MSE Manual Extendable Forks

A cheaper alternative for hydraulic extendable forks are the patented manual extendable forks. These forks are ideal for companies that don't need fork extensions that frequently, but only come across the need once in a while. To extend the lift truck tines the lift truck driver has to get off his lift truck.


  • Remain mounted on the forklift truck so they are always available for the driver
  • Lightweight construction that is extended easily to a variety of lengths
  • Innovative outer forks which cannot catch tensioning straps
  • Eliminate safety risks and inconveniences typically associated with loose fork extensions (outer sleeves)
  • Extension in just one simple movement
  • No hydraulic parts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No loose parts
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Originally the load push attachment was designed for the cement industry, but is can for example also be used to 'push' fish into the container.

Mechanical In-Between Solution

Manual extendable forks stay on the forklift truck permanently, saving time, space and money compared to traditional fork extensions (outersleeves). This mechanical option is lower in cost than the hydraulic fork making it ideal for low usage application.

The manner of adjusting the outer sleeve is highly innovative. It simply involves moving a pin (which also serves as a grease nipple) sideways, causing the locker to be retracted. As soon as the locker is disengaged, the outer sleeve can be moved using the other hand until the locker engages again at the different length.