MSE Roller Push-Pull Attachment

A new push-pull concept made up of two separate units which are hydraulically in unison extended using the Equaliser System principle. The system can be equipped with regular fork platens or RollerForks®.

Saving time with a revolutionary combination.

Palletless handling. Save time, space and money.

Using the unique ROLLER Push-Pull combination, it is now possible to load and unload containers and/or trailers with loads stacked on top of one another faster than ever before. ROLLERFORKS® are ideal for lifting loads stacked directly on the floor because the floor acts as a fixed reference point for turning the rollers. If loads are not stacked directly on the floor, e.g. two-high, then the push-pull mechanism can be used. As soon as the load has been manoeuvred onto the ROLLERFORKS®, it can be easily transferred onto an in-house pallet using the ROLLERFORKS®. This method saves a lot of time because the push-pull mechanism does not have to be extended or retracted.

Advantages and benefits:

  • good line of sight between separate units
  • independent lateral adjustment for even load distribution (hydraulic or mechanical)
  • synchronized unit extension and retraction (Equalizer System)
  • independent cylinder force application (Equalizer System)
  • single unit for small and light loads
  • faceplate adaptor available
  • improved slipsheet engagement (folding forks)
  • ideal for stacked goods separated with slipsheets

MSE Rollerforks PushPull Attachment

One piece fork or carriage mounted MSE push-pull attachments are also available.

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