MSE RollerForks®

An award-winning innovative system introduced by MSE in 2003, which can eliminate the use of pallets for the transportation of goods. Palletless handling saves time, space and money, which in turn reduces an organization’s impact on the environment.

The new revolution for palletless transport.

Palletless handling. Save time, space and money.

RollerForks are used for loading and unloading containers without the need for pallets. The use of pallets for the storage of goods is unavoidable but in order to save space and money one can ship the goods by using slipsheets. Solid-fibre, corrugated or plastic slipsheets are much less expensive than pallets and increase volume and capacity in containers and trailers. They are environmentally friendly and more hygienic, which is of great importance in the food industry.

The RollerForks are in fact forklift tines with two layers of rollers inside, which rotate one another when the forks are moving along the floor. Therefore the forks can slide effortlessly under the slipsheet (or in some cases floor loaded goods), pulling the load onto the forks. When the load is being lifted up, the rollers drop to allow the load to rest on the tines and when putting the load down, the principle is exactly the opposite and it rolls off the forks with ease.

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The advantages and benefits of RollerForks

The most important advantage of the RollerForks® is the fact that the forklift can still be used for other, standard forklift tasks. Other advantages include:

  • lower investment costs for shippers and recipients
  • improved operating speed
  • lightweight, i.e. lower lifting capacity forklift trucks can be used
  • no hydraulics required
  • compatible with lightweight electric stackers
  • good visibility
  • low maintenance (no hydraulic or lubrication systems)
  • reduced effort (simplified handling procedures)
  • also compatible with standard pallets
  • ideal for handling single-stacked loads.

MSE Rollerforks

RollerForks® and the rollers are made of high-grade materials, and because there are no axial forces there is hardly any wear and tear. Any dirt and dust will end up on the floor.

RollerForks® can be fitted to the most forklift trucks with a FEM fork carrier including lightweight electric stackers. Products in boxes and cartons, bagged goods, FIBC's etc. can be transported with RollerForks® when placed on a slipsheet. Since there are no hydraulics and lubrications required, the RollerForks® are particularly well suited to the food, the chemical, the consumer goods, the beverages and pharmaceutical industries. It is also possible to place a load with slipsheet on a standard pallet for in house transport and storage.

RollerForks Applications


Rollerized Tine Extenders

Rollerized Tine Extenders (RTE's) are especially developed to handle the HCU 6/E or 463L Master Pallet. This is a standardized pallet used for transporting military air cargo. It is the main air-cargo pallet used by the United States Air Force and was designed for loading and unloading modern-day military airlifters, as well as numerous civilian Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) cargo aircrafts.

RTE forks consist of a hollow cross-section with a single layer of rollers on each side. They can be fitted to regular forklift truck tines like a sleeve and secured using locking pins. Used in this way, rollers are unable to descend so the load remains seated on the rollers at all times. RTE forks are fitted with a stop to prevent the load sliding off the rollers whenever the forklift truck brakes. The load can be pushed or rolled off the forks manually if the mast is tilted forwards and the stops have been folded out of the way. RTEs are available in various types and ratings.


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